Monday, 25 February 2013

A New Woman!

Hello Bloglets.

I was very naughty and didn't post yesterday, but I was soo busy and then once I'd stopped, I flopped!

I had a lovely day though, I'm going to miss having every Sunday with Lee once I go back to work but needs must, I am an adult (not sure who I'm trying to convince there, you or me) and I must earn some pennies so I can fuel this beauty addiction that I have developed since being unemployed.

I'm suffering from riding Leo now as even the muscles in my feet ache, punishment for not going often enough, I know! I didn't fall off though *proud face*. It's the thing I'm most looking forward to about starting my new job, getting a car and being able to start a proper routine with him. As well as having money for the list of beauty products that I NEED!

Leo the Thoroughbred Horse

I was then faced with the dilemma that Lee had decided to go out almost as soon as I got home, so do I stay in because I'm pooooped and smell like horses, but not see him until about 8:30pm (It was about 2 o'clock at this point)? Or do I go with him and watch him play snooker and suck up the fact that I have no make up, a break out in spots and of course, the smell. I went out. I looked more presentable than half of the people in there anyway.

My sister came whilst I was there as Lee was playing her boyfriend, Chrissy and gave me a little surprise present to cheer me up! I'd recently asked her if she bothered with the "Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise" thing as I'm very naughty and never, ever have and she instantly told me off and said I'll be all wrinkly when I'm older if I don't start now! Eek! 

So anyway, She'd been out, the lovely lovely Sister that she is, and bought me the same things that she uses as we have exactly the same skin type, which was No7's Soft and Soothed Gentle Cleanser and Toner as well as their Essential Moisture Day Cream. So I started using them this morning, I'll probably only have time to do the whole shabang at night as I get up as late as I physically can in the mornings but I have fairly high hopes and I'll certainly report on my findings. I'm currently just breaking out so I'm curious to see how it effects that. I've linked the three products below from boots website.

Today has been a boring, lazy Monday, a bit of following my Mum around Debenhams and Next hating myself for not having any money and then catching up on the TV I missed whilst spending most of last week in Bed.

Now, I want fish and chips, on the only night that a fish shop is closed. Such is life.

Love and Kisses




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