Friday, 22 February 2013

A Very Warm (& Slightly Nervous) Welcome!

Hello Blog Readers and Welcome to my head space!
I feel like this should come with some sort of health/hazard warning, I’m not entirely sure that my "headspace" is a safe place for anyone to be!
This blogpost is going to be short and extremely rambly as I feel that I need to do some form of formal introduction to what this blog is going to be about and this is my first ever blogpost so it's going to be pretty rusty!
So, about me! I am 20 years old, I'm in-between jobs but I generally work in the car trade, I love anything that's pretty and I'm turning more into a "girl" everyday (for my Mum who grew up with an adamant tomboy, that's a big deal!). I live in the same village that I grew up in with my boyfriend and best friend, Lee and our puppy, Max. 
(Isn't he adorable!)
This blog is inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya Burr, their blogs are so inspiring and I could read them all day and I know that they've really helped me through a rubbish time recently so, if my blog even helps one person. I'll be very very happy! 
It's also a way to save my boyfriend's sanity, I do warn you that it will be full of random thoughts on various topics that crop up during my day, probably a million pictures and anecdotes of my dog and hopefully my views on different make ups as I’m about to embark on a mission to try out some new brands and from watching Tanya Burr's youtube channel I now feel confident that I know what i'm looking for in cosmetics, so it'll also be me keeping you up-to-date on that!
I feel very arrogant to think that anyone will care about what I'm writing but even if nobody ever reads this, I hope it will be something nice for me to look back on if I’m feeling blue or that I’ve lost my way a bit and as I said, it saves Lee's ears from having to hear all of my ramblings!
I'm going to try and use all of my own pictures as I don't know how to credit other people and I only have my iPhone5 to do that, so bare with me on the quality of pictures! Also, hopefully as of next week I'll be working full time so this will be a hobby for my days off!

I think I'm just going on now because I'm scared of submitting this to the big world of the interenet so wish me luck.. here goes.

Thank you very much for absorbing my thoughts so far Mr Blog, I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Love and Kisses




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