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No7 Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise - Review

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This isn't my actual blog post for today, but I wanted to do a review on the No7 products that I started using just yesterday as I wanted to share my first glance opinions.
No7 Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser

Firstly, it is presented beautifully, especially the moisturiser, it come in a glass pot, something that instantly makes a product feel luxurious. For what they are the cleaner (right) and toner (left) also look very nice and they make a pretty little set on my bathroom shelf.
No7 Soft & Soothed Cleanser

The only product that I feel you need a fair amount out of, is the cleanser, but, as it's my first ever go, I don't know if I'm using too much or if 5 pumps is average for a cleanser. I was also shocked that it's doesn't foam up and become soapy, but this is something I love as I cannot stand getting things in my eyes and it just makes the whole process easier as you don't have to mess about crouching over a sink in order to not drench your clothes.

No7 Soft & Soothed Toner

I'm still putting too much toner onto the cotton wool as you only need a tiny amount, just put the cotton wool over the top and turn it upside down and that's enough for your whole face! I have used toners before, and I already much prefer this one. It doesn't instantly make your face feel like you've had botox and that your skin is really tight, which for me as someone who has dry skin, I find often happens. I have put the moisturiser on almost straight away both times but so far, it's just left my skin feeling refreshed and completely product free.
No7 Soft & Soothed Toner

The moisturiser is probably the product which I am most pleased with, not just for it's appearance but also for how little you need! I've used it twice now and you can barely tell it's even been opened. You just need to dab your index finger in once for your forehead and then once for each cheek and your face feels completely moisturised and nourished, and when I say "dab", I mean it.

No7 Beautiful Skin Moisturiser

I'm also pleased with how it feels after application, I've worn it now with and without make up and have experienced positive results with both. I have used many many different moisturisers and often find them heavy and clammy. But, as soon as I had left my bathroom I couldn't feel it sat on my skin and to touch my face, it felt like I could apply my make up straight away. It is now 4 hours later and, having just felt my face again (that would sound very wierd out of context!) it feels lovely, I don't have any make up on today and you can still feel that it has been moistuised, it feels soft and smooth and the best my skin has ever felt.

No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream

I'm a bit reluctant to comment on it's performance under foundation, as I'm currently experiencing some problems with my foundation, I'm using Maxfactor's Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation in "Golden 75" and find that it dries my skin out so much. So whilst No7's Essential Moisturiser hasn't perfected this problem, I wasn't really expecting it too, however the fact that it absorbs so quickly meant that I could crack on with my make up a lot quicker!

No7 Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser

Overall, I am totally and utterly sold on these three! I may branch out and try other brands in time as I'm new to the routine as well as the products. But I'm even considering doing this twice a day after being sceptical that I'd have the time as the products enable me to complete it so much quicker than I anticipated! They look and feel like they're more expensive than they really are and I'm already experiencing the benefit of silky smooth skin!

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