Saturday, 23 February 2013

Some Very Exciting News!

Hello Bloglets!

I hope that you are all well today and have had a nice lazy Saturday like me!

Yesterday, I blogged that I do not have a job, today, I do! Yipee! After just over 2 months over being unemployed after leaving my previous job at MINI, I have accepted a job offer at Vauxhall in my local town of Boston, so, if you live near, pop in and see me any time from next week! I'm very lucky to have found a position somewhere that shares the same ethos as me (a 100% focus on customer service and my ideal for feeling valued as an employee) and at a company whom is having a very exciting year, what with the Vauxhall Adam and the Mokka!

I refuse to let this blog turn into a platform of me advertising myself as a Car Sales Executive but I was just too excited not to share it so I promise from now on no more boring car talk!

I'm off to see Leo tomorrow which I'm very excited for as I haven't been for about 2 weeks, now I'll get a car back I should be able to go 3 or 4 times a week as I've wanted to for so long, so that's exciting news for both me and my thighs!

I'm a big one for planning, I have to have everything planned out or I freak out, and, since I'll be having more money coming in, I've obviously already sorted how I'll spend it and then some! But my first project is to re-do my dressing room! Lee threw away my dressing table when we moved as it was pretty grotty and he couldn't be bothered to try and make it sustain the move so it just went in the bin... But I've got my plan in my head of how my new dressing room will look.

Unfortunately, we rent our house, so the walls have to stay cream, but I'm going to for white wood, pink and mint greeny/blue accents and lots of pretty things including these for my brushes from Ikea!

My blog's keep turning out way way longer than I would like, I'm rubbish at being to the point and not waffling on so I'll sign off now and get snuggled into my Saturday night TV (Oh, to be 20 hey...) whilst Lee's at a big family meal, leaving me in quarantine because I'm poorly.

Love and Kisses





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