Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thankful Thursdays!

Ben Howard Bath Time

Why Hello Bloglets!
I hope that you are all having a sparkling Thursday...

Apologies for the delay, I was planning on blogging again on Tuesday and doing something yesterday but unfortunately time ran away with me and I've been quite poorly. I am planning on writing some blogs that aren't time specific so that if I ever do get too busy/poorly I have one ready and waiting to just hit upload, but I'm not sure if that's just cheating?
Anyway, the main part of Tuesday was spent in the bath for me, I think I may have broken some world record for spending 2 and a half hours in the bath without getting out! Considering I can normally only stand laying there for about half an hour, or until I have to turn the taps off and then I get bored. But I persevered and had a very relaxing time. My mum got me Marks and Spencers Bath Caviar for Christmas, which doesn't exactly create bubbles, but it does leave my skin feeling lovely and smooth. And it sounds nice and posh too!

Marks & Spencers Bath Salts

Other than that I only used co-op's own bubble bath as it was an impromptu decision and not being a huge bath lover I don't keep oodles of bubble bath at my disposal. But it was bubbly and lovely and warm all the same! I'm not sure that I buy in on expensive bubble bath as I only really want one thing out of that product, bubbles. If it does anything for my skin then that's a bonus, but I have enough lotions and potions to do that for me themselves.

Ben Howard is a must for me in the bath, and Charlie Simpson. They are both quite depressing but they're also upbeat enough to keep me interested and, I just love them both.

Other than my marathon bath, life's been pretty simple in my corner of the World. One thing that I have done, is be a lot more thankful for the things that I do have. I've had a tough couple of months with losing my job, having to learn to live with literally no money, and I've been very, very sick. But I seemed to wake up this morning with a slightly different attitude. Yes, I realised that I've lost my Driving License Counter-Part, but I can send off and get a new one. Yes, my house needs a bloody good clean before I go back to work, but I'm extremely lucky to live in such a lovely little house with a man that I adore. 

With my being ill, my Dog's gone away to my Mum's overnight as Lee didn't want to leave me to have to look after him and I miss him so much! You don't realise how much you love seeing someone's face every day until it's gone. All night I kept expecting a little black head to poke around the door to see if it was safe to come in, so I'll be very very thankful to have him home!

So lovely lot, take a look around and think about the things you are lucky to have, I promise you that there will be something! 

Love and kisses



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