Monday, 11 March 2013

(A Very Very Late) Thankful Thursday!

Hello Lovelies,
Apologies that this is a couple of days late, but I’ve been soo busy with my new job that I’ve just not found the time to post!
This week’s “Thankful Thursday” is dedicated to my wonderful man, Lee. It was our 2 year anniversary on Tuesday, which I know is nothing compared to a lot of people, but we’ve been through more than most couples do in a lifetime in those 2 years and I’m ever so grateful that we’ve made it through without killing each other and still being totally in love.
I do actually try and take the time to tell Lee that I love him every day and whenever he goes out of his way for me I do try and make the effort to say thank-you (I know if he ever reads this he’ll say that I don’t but I really do try)
We’ve recently moved back to the village that we both grew up in into a lovely cottage. It’s got some modern points to it, like the bathroom, but it has stone flooring throughout the kitchen and hallway and it feels like a proper house where we can spend a lot of years and possibly even has room to start a family.
It’s not our first house together, and that’s another thing that he deserves a big “Thank you” for. Our first house together was in a large village 16 miles away from where we live now, Lee had never had any inclination to move away, even those 16 miles, but I persuaded him that it was a good move for us to see that there was life outside this little village where we’d spend all of our lives so far. Needless to say, he hated it. He barely saw his friends and we just didn’t particularly like the house, it was a new build and it just never felt like home no matter what we did.
Although we only rent our house now, it feels comfortable and safe. A big deal breaker for me with a house is how it makes me feel when I’m ill. When I was poorly in the brand new house, I felt very alone and out of the way, however in the house we’re in now when I’ve been poorly, I’ve felt snug and comforted.
I could spend all day and win an award for the longest blogpost in the world if I listed all of the things that Lee’s done that I’m thankful for but I’m mainly grateful that’s he’s there every night when I get in from work and that he lays next to me in bed every night. We went through a stage where we couldn’t live together due to me losing my company car and it was the worst few weeks of my recent life. If he gets into bed next to me at night then I know that I will sleep sound and wake up happy.
Lee, if you ever come across this, Thank You for just being you and for being mine. I will love you until forever and a day. Baby, I’m yours.
Love and kisses (especially for my lilypad)

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