Saturday, 2 March 2013

eBay, eBay, eBay! Tips and a Review!

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Good Morning Bloglets, 

What a busy and productive day yesterday was! I love the feeling of having a spotless house though so it was very worth it in the end and I know I'll be thankful for being so organised on Monday.

Today I'm trying to keep my productive streak going and have rummaged through my wardrobe to find 38 things to sell on eBay! I love the thrill of selling things on eBay, but it's a huge faff putting the items on in the first place. In my opinion, eBay NEED to make the photo part of it quicker and easier as at the moment it takes about 30 seconds for each individual photo to upload and that's just too long in my opinion. It's also now rotating all of my photos so that they're on their side. Annoying.

I wanted to share some tips that I have picked up a long the way of selling on eBay as I feel that they've really helped me gain some extra pennies. 

- Put as many pictures on as you can! I wouldn't bid on something that I couldn't see properly and eBay is a bit of gamble, so make the bidders feel as secure as possible.
- Advertise that you're selling other items in your description, if you're their size, they may just shortcut to looking through only your items.
- Make it so that the listing finishes on a weekend evening, when the most people are online. Avoid weekday mornings when people are busy at work or doing other things.
- Make your postage reasonable. I've been stung quite badly with setting my postage charges too low before, so don't lose money, but don't try and make a profit on postage as it can put buyers off. They're looking for a bargain!
- Be honest! Describe things exactly as they are, it's better to sell something for a bit less than have it sent back and get bad feedback.
- Think about the seasons. This may not be possible for everyone if you just want to sell things now, but I got quite into selling on eBay two years ago and made sure that I sold spring/summer items about now, and autumn/winter things in September and October time. 
- One thing that I don't like to see, is if a seller hasn't bothered to write much of a description. So make your description have a bit of colour, try and make it look happy so that this person wants to buy from you.

Please do feel free to check out my items and maybe have a cheeky bid on My eBay Page!

I also managed to sort out my dressing room so that it will do for now! Obviously it's nowhere near how I want in eventually but at least there's sort of somewhere for me to sit and do my make up in the morning. I've also had an organise of my nail varnishes, as I said yesterday, I will do a blog on them all once I've acquired a couple more but it's a step in the right direction!

In the time it's taken me to write this entire blog I've only managed to upload two items, so I'd best get comfy I suppose! Think of the money.

love and kisses



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