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Lancôme L’Absolu Nu - Review

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When doing my ginormous spring clean to prepare myself to go back to work I realised that I have loads of new Make Up and Nail Varnishes that have been hiding from me and that I’ve barely used so I actually have quite a lot that I can review! 

The first thing is something that I have never used before at all, a lipstick. I’ve tried only one lipstick before (apart from in the days of stealing my Mum’s make up when I was little) and that was Barry M’s Lip Paint, you’ll be able to find my review of that in a few days but needless to say, it didn’t start a love affair with lipsticks.
Lancome L'Absolu Nu Lipstick

I was actually given this as a free gift about 7 months ago and it is a sample size but the packaging is still pretty with a rose pattern running up the lid of the lipstick. I’m not going to lie, I was really dubious about trying this lipstick as I decided to debut it at a meal with Lee’s Parents and I’ve always felt that I end up looking old if I wear anything other than a clear or very subtle gloss.

The colour I tried was Voile de Rose 302 which is a pinky red colour so it’s fairly subtle on the lips which is great for easing me in to the world of lip sticks! 

Lancome L'Absolu Nu Lipstick

Lancôme claims that this is a “caring lipstick with Pro-xylane, L’Absolu Nu presents sexy nudes in a light-to-the-touch texture” which I think is fairly on the money! When I took it off my lips felt more nourished than with any lip balm I’d ever used before and I’d only worn it for about 4 hours.

I also wore it the next day on my first day at my new job. It lasted wonderfully until lunch and only came off a bit after I’d eaten which really didn’t bother me as it was super easy to touch up. I was also impressed that I couldn’t feel it or taste it on my lips throughout the duration of the day. I bite my lips a fair bit (naughty Becky) and I can’t stand it if I keep getting a horrible taste of lip balm (I know it should deter me but it just makes me less inclined to put anything on my lips)

Lancome L'Absolu Nu Lipstick

To buy this product it is £22 which I think is a bit steep for a lipstick, but maybe if I got into lipsticks and such like I would shell it out for this particular one as it does last and leaves my lips feeling conditioned. 

Overall I was impressed, I’ll make the same confession that I did in my No7’s cleanser, toner and moisturiser review, which is that this is my first experience of this product and maybe after experimenting a bit more I may find that much cheaper lipsticks are just as good but as it stands, I think it’s worth the price tag and I would repurchase other colours in this range.

Please put any comments in the box below if you know of any lipsticks that are just as good but cost less!

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