Friday, 1 March 2013

March Madness!

Hello Bloglets!

Have you heard the news? It's March already?! Hold on there 2013, you're flying by too quickly!

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March for me is a month of madness, we of course have Mother's Day for both mine and Lee's wonderful Mummies and we owe them both so much this year after supporting us through a lot. It's also my Mum's birthday the day after Mother's Day (nice planning for my bank balance Grandma!) I have my new job starting on Monday, as well as Mine and Lee's 2 year anniversary and My late cousin's birthday slightly later on in the month (I will explain more when this comes around) Phew. Crazy!

Luckily my Mum has been her usual diamond self and insisted that if I purchase anything for her on either occassion she will get cross and tell me off and not accept it, so I'm to bake her a cake! I will of course make it up to her when I get more settled but just the fact that she's taken that pressure off is a God-send.

I'm also starting my new job on Monday, so I'm currently preparing myself, both physically and mentally, and my house ready for me to go back into the big wide world of car sales. The only positive is, today being March 1st, it is the busiest day for people in my industry with the plate change, so I am slightly relieved not to be there until it's died down a little bit on Monday.

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes

My make-up brushes have had a bit of pampering, as I've thoroughly cleaned all of them ready for the big day! I like to be able to leave them for at least an entire 24 hours to dry else I find that they get clogged up a lot quicker and as we all know, I have to be prepared! Max should feel lucky that Lee has taken him to work with him today because he's in for a bath when I get my hands on him!

I've chosen to give myself a mini-manicure to prepare my hands for my first day, I've decided to go for Maxfactor's Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in 01 Ivory. The bottle really is mini, but so is the brush which is great for me who isn't too accurate when painting my right hand. The only downside to this is that it runs out really quickly, possibly 5 or 6 applications and it starts to wear thin. They cost around £3.49 each so it's not the end of the world, but not great for someone like me who doesn't have the time to keep nipping to boots to repurchase my favourite colours!

MaxFactor Nail Polish

I like this colour for a first appearance at work, it's glittery and shimmery, so shows off some of my youth and personality, without being too dark or obvious, because you never know what a company's policy is on things like this when you first start. I've never had an employer mention nail polish, but first impression's count

MaxFactor Nail Varnish

I am soon going to do a blog on my entire Nail Polish collection as it's really starting to gain some momentum, but I need to repurchase a few staples such as a French Manicure set, a neutral and natural colour and another taupey-mushroomy colour (sounds awful but I think it looks lovely!) I also want more more more pastels ready for spring and summer as I've decided that I'm going to totally embrace the season this year and fling myself into being happy!

Also, I'm am definately going to blog every single day during March and hopefully start off some themes that I can continue, I want my "Thankful Thursdays" to turn into a regular feature. I will also do a blog dedicated to my Mum on Mother's Day (how very original) I do like the idea of a Make-Up Monday, I seem to have A LOT of make up that I don't use anymore, so maybe once a week I'll dig something old out and see if I can make it work in my current regime. I must also get better at putting my photographs in when I write my blogs, because I use my phone and my laptop and USB cable live in different rooms I'm quite lazy when it comes to my photos, but I will endeavour to upload them at the same time as the blog!

If you have any comments on any of my blogs please do post them below! I don't mind what they say but I'm about to hit 100 views (tiny I know, but a milestone none the less) and I'm so curious to see if these people are going to come back and if not why not etc. So please comment and just let me know!

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