Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Very Special Girl!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

I've got a little bit of time to kill before going to see Leo, and I came to the conclusion that blogging was a better idea than doing the ironing!

I had a really, really lovely day yesterday. I hit 500 views on this lovely little blog, so thank you to everyone who's come to have a nosey! I was so nervous about putting this blog onto my personal twitter as some people weren't the nicest when I was growing up, but nobody's said anything bitchy just yet, so that's a positive result in my book!

500 Pageviews
I also went out for a hack on Leo with the pony club, which looked and felt ridiculous but was good for both of us and then was treated to dinner out at my favourite Chinese restaurant at night. Not bad for a Friday!

Fortune Cookie

Today's agenda is to upload a beauty blog post but I shall keep the subject a surprise for now, do some more twittering to promote this little beauty, more riding of Leo, the ironing at some point I suppose, then hopefully having Lee's best friend and his girlfriend round for dinner tonight!

Piebald Horse
I also thought that I would give you a little update on how much country cottage is coming along...

My sister has very kindly given us her old dining table, which, teamed with a little potted plant my Mum got us as a moving in present and a very Cath Kidson-esque table cloth, I think looks lovely! Lee is also half way through transforming the dresser that my Mum's passed down to me, which I'm sure will look fabulous when it's finished!


I've also made a lot of progress with my dressing room, only in terms of little trinkets of flower fairy lights and few little accessories but it's made me smile!

Thank you, again, for reading.

I shall see you soon!

Love and kisses



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