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Avon Speed Dry + Nail Enamel - A Review

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I’m trying to be more structured with my beauty blog posts to ensure I cover the features of a product you’d actually want to know about, not just what I was doing when I bought it! So here goes for a super professional review of Avon’s Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel!

Avon Speed Dry +

 The shade that I went for was “Smokey Pumes” which, when I received it, I realised that it was almost an exact dupe for a Barry M Nail Varnish I’d literally just purchased, but on reflection, this is a fair bit darker. 

Avon Speed Dry +

And boy, does it go on well! It’s got a fairly big brush which usually scares me as I can be so cack handed, but this one is super precise and seems to hold just the right amount of product. 

It does also dry pretty quickly, of course, I’ve mentioned before, I do a few really thin coats and build them up rather than just one thick one so most nail varnishes do dry quite quickly to begin with, but then fall down at the final coat after all that effort! 

Avon Speed Dry +

In terms of colour match to what’s in the bottle, it’s the closest I’ve ever come across, it really bugs me when a varnish is a totally different colour on your nails to how it appears in the bottle. But this one is almost an exact match after just two coats!

Avon Speed Dry +

It’s really easy to take off as well, some varnishes end up smudging all over your fingers and staining, I must admit I’ve only taken this off when it’s been over another varnish, but it didn’t stain and only smudged a tiny bit, but I was in a steaming hot bath so I can’t really blame the product!

Overall, I’m really impressed! This is my first ever Avon Nail Varnish and I’ll definitely be buying more! 

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