Sunday, 14 April 2013

Baby Steps

Hello Lovelies,

I hope that the title of this blog hasn't mislead anyone, and sorry Mum if I've just given you a heart attack! This blog post is not about actual babies.

I've had a lot of change quite recently, what with moving and getting my new job, and I almost feel as though I'm on a roll and I want to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so I've been coming up with a few new ideas for this little beauty.

Firstly, I was thinking of doing an outfit of the day piece, just a short piece to say, hey, this is what I'm wearing today, what do you think? I'm always nervous of fashion so I could do with anyone's comments and I think I'm starting to find "my style" so I'd quite like to show it off a bit! Of course, for work, it's often quite boring and always covered up by my company coat so it may be every other day (and be prepared for a lot of black trousers) but my days off should mix it up a bit!

I was also gearing myself up to put this blog on to youtube, now, this terrifies me, as someone who wouldn't even put this blog on her personal twitter for fear of what some people who I used to know would think, this is HUGE. But, after watching Zoella's "draw my life" video, I thought, if she can face her demons and do it, so can I! So watch this space...

Another thing that I think that I'm going to start doing, is showing you some different make up looks that I wear. For instance, for work, I wear barely any but somehow still manage not to scare the men that I work with, but often on my day off I like to spend a little bit more time on myself and try out some different looks. But this does mean putting photos of my actual face onto the internet. Scary.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on these different things! If there's anything else you think that I could do, then just say and I'll have a think!

love and kisses



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