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MUA Professional Eye Palette - A Review

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Today my focus is on something else that I’ve seen a lot of beauty gurus and in particularly I think Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter talk about, which is the MUA Professional Eye Palette in Heaven and Earth. 

I’ve been looking for a good selection of neutral colours for a while now as I don’t feel comfortable wearing colours to work and I don’t particularly wear make-up other than that! This has a lovely selection of different neutral tones, I would have liked to see some more matte colours but hey ho! 

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

It’s got two fabulous highlighters that work really well under my brows and in my tear duct area to brighten my eye up and transform my look. If you’ve read some of my previous blogs you may know that I suffer really quite badly with dark circles under my eyes and always look tired but these highlighters really make a different and make me look much more awake. 

The rest of the colours are really just a spectrum of earthy colours that all blend together super well to create different looks, yesterday I just went for one medium colour all over my lid and half way up my eye as I was feeling lazy, but when I went out for dinner I added two deeper colours into the outer corner of my eye and into my crease to create a more dramatic look.

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I’ve gone somewhat in the middle today using just two colours and I think that all three looks have worked really quite well! It’s a fantastic palette for everyday work and like I said, adding the darker colours easily vamps the look up for night time! It just so happens that I did totally take my make up off and reapply it, but I think you could easily just add it on top of what you’re already wearing and you’d be ready to go!

The only thing that I can find to be a bit moany about is that it doesn’t have a mirror built in, I like to not have to juggle three different things when getting ready in the morning and today I just felt like I was constantly switching between a cotton bud, different brushes, the palette and a mirror.

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

It’s available in Superdrug for only £4.00 and it’s well worth the money, I’d possibly have paid a bit more for it once I’ve started earning again but I’m glad that I did purchase it and think that it out performs the money that I spent on it, if not in actual performance of the make-up, then definitely just in the selection of colour available! 

I’m starting to really like MUA’s line as this is the second thing that I’ve bought and been impressed with, do you like any other products of theirs in particular that I should try?

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