Monday, 29 April 2013

My Make Up Brush Collection!

Hello Lovelies,

Apologies I've been away for a few days but it's been hectic my end! I thought that I would come back with a bang and show you my Make-Up Brush collection!

Now, my collection isn't vast, nor is it particularly expensive or established at the moment, but it suits me fine and there's only a few that I feel I miss on a regular basis.

So my most favourite brush, and probably the only brush that I've ever gone out intentionally to buy, is the Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques. It's perfect for putting on my foundation and it fits the contours of my face wonderfully. 

Possibly the one brush that I couldn't live without is this eyeliner brush from Barry M, I use this on my eyebrows as it was the thinnest brush that I could find in my local boots but I really really love it. I have extremely thin everybrows and every other brush is too thick but this one fits the bill!

My go-to brush for most things eyeshadow is my Eye Smudge brush from Bobbi Brown, I wish that I owned more of these because they're just about pointed enough to do your crease with, but large enough to do your whole lid and they're really good at blending as well.

This brush is one that I've recently fallen in love with, It is the Buffing Brush, again by Real Techniques. I've started to push my powder onto my face as it's translucent and there purely to hold my foundation in place and I think that this brush is perfect for that! I also use it for highlighter as my blusher brush is always dirty!

The only brushes that I'm really missing is a big huge one to do my bronzer or powder with so I could lightly dust my face, and then some more eyeliner and eye shadow brushes so that I don't have to use the same brush twice! 

The links to buy all of the aforementioned brushes are right here:
 Real Techniques Bobbi Brown Barry M Avon

Which brush could you just not live without?

love and kisses



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