Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipcolour - Review!

Hello Lovelies,

A second blog for you today and it's the third day of my wearing different lip products!

Today I chose to wear Revlon's Vital Radiance Moitsure Boosting Lipcolour and I'll be honest - I didn't know that Revlon made it until I just googled it! Nowhere on the packaging does it mention Revlon, all that it says is "Vital Radiance" - Bizarre if you ask me because it's actually pretty good! 

Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipcolour

In terms of ease of application, it's the best product I've used so far this week, it just glides on, because the colour I chose was a "my lips but better" (are you seeing a pattern yet?!) colour, you didn't really need to be super accurate but I'm sure that even with a more vibrant colour it would be just as easy due to the shape of the product itself.

Revlon Vital Radiance Lipstick

For staying power it isn't the best, but it did stay on for a couple of hours and to be honest I never believe adverts that say that a lip product will stay on all day.

Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipcolour

It's also left my lips feeling a lot smoother and more conditioned than they did at the beginning of the day, and this is something that really, really impresses me in a lip product!

Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipcolour

I have also just discovered that this product is being discontinued - so maybe this blog is the slightest bit pointless, but you can still get them on eBay for pretty cheap and I'd stock up whilst you can if I were you!

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