Thursday, 18 April 2013

So much is changing!

Hello lovelies,

Not a review or beauty related blog post this time I'm afraid, but have no fear, my fourth lip product will be featuring later on today!

This is more of a little check in, a lot has changed recently and I just wanted to let you guys know! (or maybe it's more so that I can try and rap my own head around it all)

Well, where to start, we're on April already, and over half way through it at that! I was about to write "two months ago I was living somewhere else! but it was five months ago, this is simply crazy. So anyway, 5 months ago I was living in a house that felt cold and empty, that Lee hated and barely ever lived in and I'd just lost my job and thus, seeing my best friend every day. You can imagine that at that point I felt pretty low, I wasn't sure if Lee and I were going to make it through the Christmas period and I was running out of money, fast.

Never then would I have thought that I would be sat, just 5 months on, happier than ever with Lee, my finances in order and my dream job within touching distance and being actively worked towards. And just look at this blog! I'm so so close to another milestone of views and I feel like it's really starting to gain some momentum. 

I don't want to ramble on and on about how great my life is now, but I'm proud of myself, the old me would have gone from temp job to temp job, moved back in with my Mum and wallowed, but because of Lee, I had to pick myself up and carry on fighting to secure our future.

Chocolate Cupcakes
I must go now as my hair is drier than the sahara desert and needs to be wrapped up in some argan oil infused conditioner! Any great tips for super super dry hair?

love and kisses



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