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The New Vauxhall Adam - A Very Girly Review!

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This morning I decided to do something very different and review a new car, it's the Vauxhall Adam and it was just too cute not to mention to you all!

Vauxhall Adam
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If ever there were a car made for fashionistas and beauty addicts – It’s the Vauxhall Adam, with over 1 million different combinations of specification you can really make it your own, and more importantly – you can make it really pretty.

Vauxhall Adam Interior
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I’ll start with the boring bit i.e how the car drives, it’s not dissimilar to a MINI in that the steering is very light and when on country roads you could easily feel as though you’re rallying around a dirt track, however it’s responsive and nippy out of corners making it perfect for my drive home. It gives good mpg too, with the fastest engine still giving you 50+ mpg (so the book says) however I managed to get home and back again (a total of 50 miles) and only used 20 miles worth of fuel, and I gave it some!

Now on to what is, for me, the best bit about a car... How it looks! There are 12 different exterior all with brilliantly movie-themed names from “James Blonde” to “Greenspotting” and “Purple Fiction” They’re all rather nice colours as well, no minging ones as there usually is!

Vauxhall Adam Steering Wheel

The interior is impressive aswell, you can get it completely purple including purple leather – lush! And there’s the same story in white too. My favourite interior feature is the option to have LED lights in the headline (ceiling) that look like stars at night time! Cute.

Vauxhall Adam Accessories

It doesn’t just stop with paint and colours, though, they’ve really put a lot of thought into the minor details – for instance, a drinks holder than not only has space for an organiser, but you can also chose for an extra slot for either a notepad, pen or tissues! The key fob also has a dash of your exterior colour which I think really goes that little bit further and made me smile every time I looked at the key (not something that I make a habit of doing with my car keys)

Vauxhall Adam Colours

It also has more options as standard than the Audi A1, so in my eyes, you can’t really go far wrong. Come in to buy one and you’ll find yourself piling on the extras so I hope that you have some self restraint! 

What combination would you go for? Are you a Jam, Glam or a Slam?

If you want to know more information, call me! At Thurlby Motors in Boston on 01205 361700 or just email me your address and I'll send you out a brochure!

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