Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An ushy-smushy lifestyle post!

Hello Lovelies,

I don't usually do many lifestyle kind of posts but I want to make a start as some days I do live a very nice life! This one is a couple of days late as this all actually happened Thursday and Friday of last week but I wanted to write it once it had all actually happened - if that makes sense?

I was both dreading and longing for my time off last week, it's been a stressful week at work due to lack of staff and new people coming into the business (I take a bit of time to get used to and adjust to new people in my working environment) but at the same time, I knew that I was having surgery on my neck so I was really really nervous!

The last time that I went for "minor surgery" at my local doctors although it was painfree, I could feel everything and it was horrible! But this time I had a lovely nurse who was laughing at my flicking through pictures of Leo on my phone to distract myself and kept me from totally freaking out and I'm glad that it's all over with.

I also went to see the lovely Leo, although I didn't get to ride him too much as the farrier came after we'd only really just warmed up but still it was nice to see him and was the first time that I'd ridden him since I fell off so I feel so much better for doing so!

He has a bit of a crazy time in what I call the sand pit and it was nice to stand and watch him hace a silly 5 minutes to himself, we're really starting to get a great bond and it was lovely when he nuzzled into me whilst the farrier did his thing - cute.


As I had done (a teeny eeny bit of) exercise and been through a (not very) traumatic time at the doctors I decided to treat myself to a McDonalds and by the looks of things my Vauxhall Adam is made for it! My drink and fries fit like a glove. Match made in heaven or what?!

We also had our new sofa delivered which, after months and months of only have a small two seater and one arm chair, is like heaven on earth to be able to actually sit together and not panic when we have guests as to where on Earth everybody is going to sit?!

Have you had a nice weekend? I'm going to miss having weekends off when our new rota kicks in!

Love and Kisses



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