Friday, 17 May 2013

April Birchbox!

Hello Lovelies,

Gosh I'm always late aren't I, but I'm sure you'll come to love it! Yesterday I uploaded my April Birchbox Video to Youtube, you can go and watch that on my channel. I wanted to do a blog post to go with my video as I'm still very very new and concious that my video's may not be as informative and non-rambling as they could be!

April is the first month in which I have received a Birchbox, or any box of this kind for that matter and I was very excited to try out all of the goodies! I think that they are such a fab idea for people like myself who wants to try out different products without splashing out on the whole thing straight away.

I'll start with a confession, the first product; Gerda Spillman's Renaissance Age Serum, was swiftly given to my Mum as she's been dying to try some of the lovely things that I now have and I thought that this would be more suited to her. I'll let you know how she finds it when I remember to text her about it! The full sized version of this is a whopping £69.00 so it had better be good but my Mum loves an indulgence now and then so hopefully she'll treat herself!

The product in the middle of this picture is La Societe Parisinne De Savons soap which smells beautiful, I doubt that I'll ever bring myself to use this as it's packaging is lush and it just looks too pretty to ruin but having said that, I normally cave in and use them anyway! It retails at £8.50 and I think it would make a fab present for a mother-in-law who you might be stuck on!

The lip product this month is Mirenesse's Glossy Kiss which retails for £17.50, a little steep for a lip stick but it did hydrate my very, very dry lips and stay on all through my youtube video and riding my horse (which I don't think anyone has ever tested a lip product on, ever, but I just did, and it won, so there!) I would like to try a slightly lighter shade of this as it was a bit too red for me but overall it was a very nice treat!

This Weleda Skin Food is something that I definately will be buying once this runs out, it's full-size big sister is £8.95 and it really really helped my drier patches. Sometimes my skin borders on having eczema and my elbows especially become a bit funny, I had also just fake tanned and it completely god rid of any orange patches around my elbows, knees and the backs of my ankles!

MMM Natio's Renew Radiance Foam Cleanser, this easily my favourite thing in the box and the one that I have been using the most. This has become my "luxury" cleanser if I feel like I need a pick me up or I'm going out somewhere special I use this to give my skin a deep clean and it makes me feel so much better! It only retails for £9.20 and I'm definately going to invest, I want to see what other products Natio do as well and delve into those too.

A nice, spring like little touch to end off the Birchbox treats is this cute little mirror. The coral case is very nice and spring-like and I wish that I could "let the sunshine in" - if only we had any! I'm very sceptical of mirrors that are "open" and don't have a lid as I worry that they'll get scratched but maybe I just shouldn't carry so much crap in my handbag? 

love and kisses



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