Thursday, 16 May 2013

Have you discovered... Kent Brushes!

Hello Lovelies!

Apologies I've been away for nearly a week, I hope that you are all good and lovely. I've decided to call time on my "Thankful Thursdays" post as I think that it's starting to get a bit thin. Something that I've been wanting to do for a while is a "have you discovered" feature where I share with you a brand/product/store that I don't quite think gets the raving that it deserves.

So to kick this exciting feature off is a brand that truly shocked me when I decided to research into them and realised that not only are they part of some of my earliest childhood memories, but they are also much, much more diverse than I would ever have imagined.

The brand to which I am referring to is "Kent" well known for good quality hairbrushes, but do you know how much further they go than just the hair on our heads? 
"Classic M" RRP £18.00 from
Kent have a range of toothbrushes, too! These range from £2.85 for a standard toothbrush, to £18 for this handmade brush pictured above. They've even created a toothbrush especially for smokers too!
"Twelve" Make Up Brush Range RRP £100 from
They also have a complete range of Make-Up brushes which I personally cannot wait to get my hands on! Again ranging from £6.65 for their angled eyeliner brush to £38.50 for the bronzer/powder brush. You can also purchase a full set for just £100!
HeadHog RRP £6.65 from
How many of you recognise this little beauty? When I was little I would only allow my Mum to brush my hair if it was with the "HeadHog" Brush, now I'm sure that Kent didn't create this brush as a novelty for children (they do have an entire range for babies and children now, though) but it worked for me and I'm fairly certain that 20 years on, this hairbrush is still going strong at my Mum's house!
AirHedz Glo for Thick Hair RRP £6.95 from
I contacted Kent a few weeks ago now to ask them for help with my hair as I'm struggling with it falling out quite badly at the moment and they instantly replied and very, very kindly sent me one of their Air Hedz Glo brush that works by releasing energising ion molecules that stimulate my scalp and help to promote healthy hair growth and I must say, I've already noticed a massive improvement in my hair!

I could go on for hours about Kent and all of the wonderful products that they offer, but instead I'll direct you to their website here! Go and find out all of the beautiful brushes, I'm sure you'll find one that fits your hair perfectly!

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