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Have you discovered... Oldrids!

Hello Lovelies,

This one is very Lincolnshire specific, so if you're not from Lincolnshire or you're not prepared to travel, I don't want to waste your time. This week's "Have you discovered" is about my favourite department store in the world - Oldrids.

Oldrids' flagship store in the heart of Boston (a very luxurious store in the middle of a not-so luxurious town) holds some very happy memories for me throughout all walks of my life, from when I was really little racing to get to the top of the building to their toy department, to buying my Brownie's uniform, to coo-ing over all of the baby clothes for Lee's 3 month old Nephew.

Now, most of you probably don't know what, or who Oldrids' is. It's a department store that sells quite a lot of stuff! They have Oldrid's in Boston Town Centre that has some lovely make up counters, a small home section, handbags, clothing, toys and a cafe. Then there's their out of town store "Downtown" that specialises in a wider variety of furniture and some foods, as does the Grantham store which also has a garden centre. They've also recently acquired two more sites in Lincoln and Gainsborough - I've not had the priviledge of checking these two out yet but watch this space.

Oldrid's is the first place that I ever splashed out on luxury make up - the lovely girl on the Lancome counter make me completely fall in love with their Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation and was so not pushy or snobby that I bought it! She threw in some lovely extra goodies and as such, all of my future Lancome purchases have been from there!

I feel as though the girls on the make up counters are always more than happy to sit and do your entire make up if you ask them to and they're also knowledgable about the products beyond just slapping them on (there's nothing worse than someone who just cakes as much on as they can and pretends they're an expert) and they are some of the most helpful people that I have ever met. 

I've just had my sofa delivered from Oldrids, you might expect them to be more expensive than big high street retailers but we found that their prices on furniture are more upfront. When sitting down with Next, SCS and DFS they suddenly add hundreds of pounds on for things such as delivery (are they expecting me to take it home in my pocket?!) But apart from having our old sofa removed (a mere £15) nothing was at an extra cost!

They do have a more budget range of furniture as all stores have to these days, but if you spend a bit more in there you truly do get great quality items that will last you a long long time. 

They also stock clothing lines such as Joules which I always find really hard to get my hands on anywhere other than country fairs and village shows. 

If you are ever in the area I thoroughly recommend that you pop into one of Oldrid's 5 stores in my local area, they're a little slice of luxury in an otherwise fairly bland place and I love them!

Do you have any department stores that are only available in your town?

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