Monday, 20 May 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Collection -

Hello Lovelies!

MUA is fastly becoming on of my make up brands so I am so excited to tell you all about their Undress Your Skin range that I have been loving for a few weeks now!

Their Illuminating foundation is my go-to if I'm having a good skin day or if I'm going somewhere like riding or it's my day off and I don't want as much coverage. I find it easiest to apply with my fingers (naughty) but that way I get a really even coverage and my skin looks lovely.

MUA also do this beautiful highlighter that makes my skin look radiant and glowy even with minimal foundation. Before this I never wore highlighter as I just didn't feel that I would see much benefit, however I no longer go out without this on! It makes my skin look luminous and bright, ready for the day even if I've had no sleep!

Now here comes my confession, I don't always wear a primer - this is purely down to time and effort first thing in the morning but when I do use their Flawless Skin Primer, my make it goes on smoother and definately lasts longer. It also makes me feel more "finished" before I go out for a meal. I'm trying to make time for this little beauty more often!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my most favourite thing about MUA is their amazing value for money, they're right up my street with this range starting at just £3 for the highlighter and I think that the results are worth far more than that!

You can shop their full Undress Your Skin range on their website here.

There's so many MUA products that I want to try - Can you recommend any?

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  1. Ill have to give this range a try!

    If you want some MUA recommendations go check out my blog! I did a review of their fixing mist, their blushes, their nail constellations and their nail polishes :)

  2. Ahh thank you for your comment! It's such a lovely range, I apply the foundation with my hands and you do need a light hand with the highlighter but it makes your skin look so natural but better! Ill go check yours out when I get home babe! Please subscribe to my blog xxx

  3. Ooooo this collection looks so beaut! That highlighter looks simply divine - definitely need to check out this range. Lovely review! X

    1. Ah thank you! It's soo good and really inexpensive! Please do subscribe as I have more mua reviews coming up xx

  4. i love MUA products so much,and i agree with the price! its amazing how cheap they are, but the quality is perfect! popping into the stores for this collection soon!



    1. I know they're fantastic! More people need to know about them! Xx


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