Friday, 24 May 2013

My lovely Baylis & Harding bath!

Hello Lovelies, 

Every now and then I believe that us women (or maybe just this woman) need a good soak in the bath to be completely selfish and think of nothing other than the Ben Howard's voice singing away to you (mind's out of gutters people).

If you follow this blog or my twitter you may well know that I recently had surgery on my neck and as a result couldn't get it wet for four days. Smarty pants here chose to go from Leo straight to the doctor, with hair that I should have washed that morning. So I found myself upset because my neck was in pain, alone because Lee was staying at his parents and unable to have a shower. *lightbulb moment* Bath Time!

I personally couldn't wait to get into my Baylis and Harding bath so I actually sat in it waiting for the tub to fill up because I was just too excited. My entire bathroom smelt amazing of the jojoba and my skin feels so soft without even moisturising!

I also had this lovely cleansing waffle sponge that made my bath a lot easier considering I had to be careful not to get my neck wet! I think that I owe my super soft skin to this beauty, it felt as though it was getting rid of all of my dead skin and it even took off that final patchy layer of fake tan that was annoyingly hanging around.

I also used their limited edition jojoba, silk & almond oil hand wash and now I feel as though I've had a manicure (aside from the chipped nails) and I keep sniffing my hands they smell so lush.

I think that every woman should have some Baylis & Harding in their bathroom and I'll be very sad when I've used these up. The handwash is strictly off limits to Lee!

Baylis & Harding do some fantastic gift sets that are perfect for that hard to buy for Mother or Mother in Law too! Go check them out on their website.

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