Sunday, 5 May 2013

Say Hello to Adam!

Hello Lovelies,

The day finally came last Wednesday... I was handed the keys to my very own Adam.

By "very own" I mean company car, of course, but all the same, I get to drive it every day and I feel so so lucky!

Now I am going to put the Vauxhall Adam through it's paces and by that I don't mean making it go as fast as possible round a track, or trying to get the best miles the gallon - yawn!

No, what I mean, is that I'm going to put it through various tests that a car would have to pass in order for me to spend my money on it - shopping, horse riding, taking friends out, going on holiday/with luggage etc etc. 

I hope that you'll enjoy learning how versatile this little car is with me - If not just let me know and I'll try and wrap it up fairly quickly, but a lot of people seemed to have enjoyed my last Vauxhall Adam review!

What do you make of the Vauxhall Adam so far? Have you seen one in the flesh?

love and kisses



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