Saturday, 18 May 2013


Hello Lovelies,

Have you ever been excited over tweezers before? No, me either. I can't even remember when I bought my tweezers that I've always, always had and I've definately taken them for granted. 

I've always looked at the pretty different patterns and variety of tweezers that Tweezerman offer in my local Boots but came to the conclusion that "I have some tweezers, why would I need anymore?" Maybe that was me being stingy or maybe it was me being lazy, but ladies, you do need to change up your tweezers!
After using my Tweezerman Tweezers even for the first time I was immediately kicking myself for not getting new tweezers sooner, they grabbed hairs that before I could only wax off or that were usually too short and I've have to wait a few days for my old tweezers to be able to grab them. 

They also have some lovely summery designs at the moment, I want to collect them all! 

Tweezerman Tweezers are available direct from the Tweezerman Website or from many stockists around the world from just £14.50 and they are definately worth the investment!

How often do you renew your beauty tools?

love and kisses




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