Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blast from the past - Ruby & Millie Eye Palette

Hello Lovelies,

This week's blast from the past is sadly only available from eBay now from what I can gather, but hopefully you'll be able to go and grab one from there!

It's Ruby & Millie (remember them?!) and their eyeshadow palette. I'm fairly certain that this may have been the first palette that I ever owned and for a long time shoved it to the back of my drawer and forgot all about it.

It's only really in the past year that I've really taken notice of what make up I'm wearing and what look I'm creating and I discovered this whilst moving house last July and it's stayed either at the front or middle of my make up collection ever since.

They may not be the most high end of brands and the shadows don't last terribly long if you don't use a primer, but I think that the top three colours are totally wearable and are often the base for a smokier eye. 

I tend to wear the light-taupey (great explanation) colour most often out of this palette if I can't be bothered to do my eye make up but still want to do something as it's extremely natural and doesn't need to be teamed with anything else. 

I don't know how readily available any Ruby & Millie products are these days, which is a shame as they were pretty popular when I was around 13, but this palette has always proved very handy and I'm very happy to own it!

love and kisses



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