Friday, 28 June 2013

Clarins Week | Beauty Flash Balm

Hello Lovelies,

To finish off my Clarins week I decided to chose the Beauty Flash Balm, I can remember hearing a lot about this product, but I can't remember what I've heard, stange.

As you may have noticed, I've been trialling a lot of products for tired skin, not sure if Oldrids did that on purpose or not but my skin does feel more refreshed and awakened. As I said yesterday, I'm saving the rest of this for a special occassion and it made my make up sit so much better.

I haven't used this as a mask yet, but I am dying for Lee to go on a boy's night out (how often will you hear me say that?!) so that I can sit and feel this benefit my skin! Again, it's slightly pricey at £29 but as you can use it as a balm or a face mask, It's something that I no longer want to be without.

I've thoroughly enjoyed using all of my Clarins products this week and my skin is loving them all too! I think they're fast becoming my favourite luxury skincare brand. My Sister has loved Clarins for a while now and I can completely see why.

love and kisses



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