Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Elemis Dreamy Sleep | My New Nighttime Holy Grail Product.

Hello Lovelies!

Has anyone else ever looked at a night cream and thought - is this company not just trying to get twice as much money out of me? How is it really any different?

Until rather recently, it's a wonder that I moisturised at all, so to me, moisturising at night and particularly with a whole other product was really rather alien. But then, I didn't cleanse or tone either, my poor, poor skin.

Now that I actually give two hoots about the skin that lays underneath my make up as well as the stuff I cake on top, I've really got into it all. Due to my busy lifestyle, I need a moisturiser in the morning to act fast when it comes to sinking into my skin and leaving me ready for foundation. I find that throughout the day, maybe due to air-conditioned showrooms or just my skin type, my skin gets progressively drier. In comes my new holy grail of my night time routine - Elemis Dreamy Sleep.

It's a thicker consistency than the day cream and (although the day cream doesn't sink in particularly quickly) this takes a while to sink into my face and dry. Something which, in the morning would drive me crazy, but at night, I kind of love.

It's a lot more intense, too, and as such replenishes your skin overnight. Leaving you look a lot more refreshed and ready for the day the next morning.

I've always said this about Elemis' products, they don't exactly smell heavenly, but they do smell as though they are going to do wonders to my skin (and wonders it certainly does) so it doesn't particuarly bother me. It is on the slightly pricier side at £22.00 but a little goes a long way and I personally think that it is well worth the investment.

I love all of the Elemis Range that I have tried so far and I always look forward to my next discovery.

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