Saturday, 22 June 2013

Eylure | My Go-To False Eyelashes

 Hello lovelies,

Ever since I can remember I have loved false eyelashes, they just take your eyes that one step beyond what any mascara could do. I'm not exactly one of these girls who wears two or three pairs before even stepping out of the house, but if it's a special occassion then I always tend to treat myself to a nice natural pair to just enhance my lashes.
I don't think that I have ever worn a brand of false eyelashes other than Eylure, they always seem the best quality and the most natural of appearance (it takes a lot for me to wear big, thick eyelashes). I don't find any false eyelashes particularly easy to apply but after a few tips from reading other beauty blogs - I tried these out yesterday and it was so much easier.

Their individual lashes are something that I wish I had more time to apply, these take me a good hour just to apply these so you can imagine what sort of a "do" it has to be, however they last so long. When Lee and I first got together, I wore these the night before for a night out and they last all night out, all night through my sleep and all day at Alton Towers - crazy. They really do stick on and it was only because a couple had fallen out that I took the rest off.

There's always so many different ones on offer that it takes me forever to choose a pair but I'm never left disappointed! I tend to go for their "Naturalites" collection which is around the £5.35 mark from boots but if you take them off carefully enough - they last for quite a few wears!

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