Thursday, 6 June 2013

Have you discovered... Elemis!

Hello Lovelies,

Who is with me on this one - Where are all of the skincare products for 20 somethings who don't have particularly problem skin. Nowhere. Somewhere. Elemis.

I contacted Elemis asking for their help with this problem of mine, I find that all skincare products are either for spotty teenagers or for myself in 5 years time when I want younger looking skin. I felt as though there were no products for me as a 20 year old who was fairly happy with the way her skin looked, I just wanted a boost!

They suggested their fantastic "Fresh Skin" range, it is meant for people just in my category. There are products within this range to help get clearer skin but it's not completey devoted to it. I started off with their exfoliator and softly softly moisturiser and I am really impressed.

If I put a thick layer of the softly softly moisturiser on before I go to sleep, I wake up feeling like I've had a facial overnight and my skin feels unbelievably soft!

I also love the exfoliator for polishing my skin before a night out or after a long day of make-up to really clear it it and prepare me for the next day.

The range starts from £11 up to £22 for their night cream which I am so so excited to try and personally, although I know it's verging on being expensive, I think it is so so worth it!

Of course, Elemis don't just specialise in products for younger people, they have skincare products for almost every skin type you could think of, and they also have their own spas all over the country (mmm can't wait to try one out!) 

I'm totally an Elemis convert and addict now and can't wait to try all of their products!

Love and Kisses



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