Thursday, 13 June 2013

Have you discovered ... St Moriz?

Hello Lovelies,

It's that time of year again, the sun is out (sometimes) and even when it's not we feel obliged to get at least a bit of skin out. With the typical British Summer it's almost impossible to get a real tan without going abroad or on a sunbed so naturally, we turn to an unnatural tan for help. My new favourite is St Moriz.

Now first, a confession, I haven't self tanned in about 3 weeks and have some more new brands to try out when I do. But as it stands, St Moriz is very high up there in my Self Tan ratings and for the price it's a definate winner.

St. Moriz

I buy all of my St Moriz goodness from Tesco as it's perfect for me, no need for an extra shopping trip, it's under the same roof as my brocolli and bread, but you can also get it from if online shopping is your thing and I'm sure it'll come into drugstores soon if it's not already.

They have a fabulous range of mousse, mist and lotions in both regular and dark selections so there is something to suit everybody and they also have gift sets to contain everything you'd need to prep your pins ready for a night out!

I also find from my experience that it wears off more evenly than some of the bigger brands, I can't stand being left with a patchy neck after a week or so, it puts me off self tanning altogether and this gradually gets lighter over the week and I didn't notice any patches at all.

The most expensive item I can find is only a measly £10.99 and that's for a Mitt, Mousse and Body Souffle in their "Get Ready to Party" kit.
St Moriz Get Ready to Party Gift Set - With Mist

Have you discovered all of the lovely St Moriz products yet? Get them in time for summer!

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  1. I LOVE St Moriz. I'm a bit rubbish at self tanning but it always works out so well for me and the price is always a bonus!
    Emma xxx

    1. I know I find it so so easy to apply! And you're right about the price, unbeatable for the quality xo


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