Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hello Lovelies

Hey guys!

When I first started this blog it was wholly designed as more of a diary than anything else, and I suppose due to looking at other blogs and realising that real life people actually read this - I've shied away from talking about my actual life and feelings etc. I just really wanted to pop in, give you a little update and say "hi, thanks for just being here" so, if you're only in this for the pretty products, then that's fine and I thank you for your support, but this post probably isn't going to be for you...

If you've followed this blog for long you'll know that I used to do a "Thankful Thursdays" feature and I'm now really regretting that I stopped it, sod's law, as soon as I decided I couldn't find any more parts of my life to be particularly thankful for without it all becoming a bit thin, everything fell to sh*t.

Where to start? I lost my job. Car sales is a bitch and if they just plain don't like you - they can fire you on grounds of "performance". It's all completely backwards, and cliquey and very, very wrong, but it's the world that I got myself into and have now been bitten twice. Ouch.

However, I like to think that I'm quite the little go-getter me, for instance you may sometimes see me asking companies for pr help (totally backwards, I know!) but my philosophy is 100% - if you don't ask, you don't get. So I asked someone to hire me in a new role that I wanted to do, and they have. Not quite as simple as that but I'm not going to subject you to too much detail.

We then basically found out that the house we were hoping to buy is too expensive and now are faced with either something half the sized to which we are used to, or renting for at least 2 years until I can sort my credit file out (naughty credit cards). That's still very much up in the air but I already feel better for putting it out there and saying "I'm actually quite upset, I really wanted that house". There, said it, feel better.

If any of you ever fancy a chat about anything, good, bad, beauty or ugly. Just drop me an email! If I don't reply straight away I'm probably at work or asleep and will do as soon as I can!


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