Monday, 17 June 2013

June Glossybox & Video!

Hello Lovelies,

Did you catch yesterday's video on my June Glossybox? I'll link it as soon as I can!

As always, tada! Here is my blogpost on everything I mentioned in my video.
So, there it is, in all of it's loveliness! I'm quite happy with this month's box - some people have said that they can be a bit naff but so far so good!

So - Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser. Perfect for me as I have dry skin - no? Not really, no. Maybe I've not given this enough of a chance yet as it's only been one week but I'm not overly impressed. I find it quite thick to apply and although it's great in that it sinks in straight away, I feel like I never put anything on to begin with. It's £7.99 in the shops which isn't bad, but I don't think that I will be repurchasing.

Helen E Waterproof Protective Lip Liner - I'm not a huge fan of lipliners in general and I'll confess, I've not tried the waterproof-ness of this. But I do like the colour, it's going to be extremely practical for work as it's a "my lips but better colour". Does practical really inspire me to repurchase? No, it doesn't, but I'm happy to have this one in my collection and I will have a nosey at the other shades. £8.00 isn't too bad of a price tag either.

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm - I thought that I would hate this product and boy, how wrong was I? For £4.95 I will definately be hunting another one of these bad boys down as it gives my lips a lovely sheen and leaves them feeling so soft and nourished. They're also made from 100% natural ingredients which makes me feel better inside too.

Paul Mitchell Curls Range - I love Paul Mitchell products, I love all hair products to be fair and these are fairly good. To me, I use such a vast range of different brands and products and I am so disloyal to any haircare brand, something really really has to stand out to me for me to repurchase. I genuinely can't remember the last time I was consecutive in my shampoo and conditioners. These just haven't really cut the mustard for me to be desperate for the full sizes, but that doesn't mean that I've ruled them out. They're £11.95 and £12.95 (I think) for the full sizes and no doubt they'll come back round full circle in my buying cycle!

Nails Inc Portobello Nail Polish - This product I love, love love. Perfect for spring/summer and long lasting. It's also so so easy to apply to (maybe due to the small, accurate brush) but overall, I find that Nails Inc products are usually only two coats away from the colour in the bottle and it dries so quickly. This is one that I will definately be repurchasing once my mini one has run out, although a little pricey at £11.00, It will be a staple in any nail varnish collection.

What did you receive in your glossybox? After writing this I now realise I have mixed feelings but overall I'm glad I subscribed.

love and kisses



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