Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lifestyle Post - My Lovely new Living Room!

Hello lovelies!

Lounge? or Living Room? What do you call yours? I've never taken notice but I think mine is defiantely a Lounge. Don't ask me why, this whole paragraph is totally rambling!

I wanted to share with you something that 's happened recently that has made me really, really happy. That is, the transformation of my lounge. Unfortunately (or rather not) I don't have any photos of what it used to look like, probably because it was minging. But it's my favourite room in the house now and I almost begrudge having to move to go up to bed!

We got 99% of the stuff in our front room from Oldrids, who you can read all about here! And the only thing that we are missing in there now is a mirror that's very much about the be bought, and maybe some new curtains, but all in all, I'm very happy with what we've done. 

Everything is a mixture of things that we were gifted, such as this tealight from Lee's Parents that they got us from Cyprus. 

To this electric fire that we adopted when we moved out of Mum's house, it's lost a few coals and we do actually have a non-functioning gas fire in our lounge, so it looks a little odd, but I love it. 

And then the rest are things that we have acquired ourselves. When we first moved in I went out for a day and just bought loads of things that I thought would make our house feel homely. Now I realise that what's really done it, is going out together and choosing the odd bit here and there and being able to sit back and relive the memories of where we were when we bought everything.

I must also make a special mention for our monster sofa, if you follow me on twitter you'll know that I was more excited for this to arrive than I am about my 21st birthday. Our old sofa was years old, green leather (ew) and tiny. As you can see, this is poles apart and miles, miles better!

 What's your favourite room in your house? My next project is my bedroom so watch this space!

love and kisses



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