Friday, 7 June 2013

Lipcote - A Review!

Hello Lovelies!

How many times do we see Lip Products that claim to last all day (or even longer) and in actual fact, they will, but only if you sit perfectly still and don't even mutter a word. No use for a chatterbox like myself.

That's why I was so glad to come across Lipcote, a formula that claims to seal your lipstick all day without changing the appearance of it at all!

This feels rather weird to apply, as it's quite wet and you then have to hold your mouth still for it to dry, but it doesn't change the look for your lipstick once it's on - which I was worried that it would.

It does also make it last a bit longer, I'm quite unfortunate in my job that I have to talk, a lot, and I also eat even more so lipsticks are always onto a losing battle with me - but I do think that this helped!

The only negative that I have about this, is that if you rub your lips together, it feels off and feels really really weird. I first wore this in a youtube video and had to resist pulling a funny face when I realised that it was almost crumbling off my lips!

I think that this is perfect for a party, or if you're able to embark on a long journey to say a wedding where you need your make up to look impeccable a while after you've applied it - but possibly not so much for my everyday lifestyle - although I will keep this to hand and I do still use it if I'm wearing a bolder colour that will be more noticeable should it wear off.

It's only £3.69 from boots, too, so I really do think that it's worth it. It's probably one of those purchases that you don't really need but are so glad you bought once you have!

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