Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Belated Bank Holiday!

Hello Lovelies,

I know that it was a little while ago now - but I hope that you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend! 

Unfortunately, because of the trade I work in, I rarely get full Bank Holiday's and although it was my turn, we're short staffed and I had to work the Saturday. I did however have a rather nice time for the Sunday and Monday and wanted to share a little bit of that with your lovely selves!

It did actually start on the Saturday night when Lee surprised me by asking me to go and fetch him before going to see Leo, and then hopping on for a go himself! I'm not sure if he wants the photos of him on the internet, so I'm going to leave them off for now, but I was super super proud and it meant a lot to me that he took such an interest in one of the most important parts of my life.

Sunday we decided to go and spend the vouchers that the lovely Oldrids gave us for purchasing our whopping great big sofa! We couldn't really decide what we wanted as there are so many things that we need for our house, but once we got there my Mum helped us to find a lovely nest of tables that really helps to complete our lounge (blog post dedicated to my new living room is coming soon as it's all changed!). 

The day was finished rather picturesquely (sort of) with Lee and I sitting outside our house to enjoy the sunshine and a few drinks, we live right next to a pub so could interact with all of our friends at the pub, but enjoy far far cheaper drinks from our own fridge! Perfection!  

Monday was a tad more rushed as I dediced to go into Lincoln to try and get Lee's phone fixed (I do not recommend Samsungs as his always break and he's fairly careful with them!) and we have a mountain of other things we wanted to cram in. 

All in all, we managed to do everything that we wanted to, we had a bit of time with his parents at their house and later at the Carrington Steam Show, I got to go on a lovely hack with Leo and Lee, even having a play in some water! And most importantly we got some quality time with our Nephew, Max, before they jetted off to Spain for a week!

How did you all spend your Bank Holiday weekend? I hope that you got to do everything that you wanted!

love and kisses



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