Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Perfect Housewife?

Hello Lovelies,

This post is a tad different to usual so if it's not something that you enjoy just let me know! But I wanted to share with you my latest culinary completion - a Quiche!

Up until about 3 weeks ago I had never even tried Quiche and thought it looked gross, but Lee's parents convinced me and I've been addicted ever since so on Monday I decided to give making my own a go and this is how it turned out!

Slightly rubbery and an inevitable "soggy bottom" but overall I'm very proud of it, Lee said it tasted "lush" (you don't get much better than that with regards to him) and it's not collapsed in on itself!

I really enjoy cooking and would quite like to share it with you every now and again so I hope you don't mind!

love and kisses



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