Friday, 28 June 2013

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Hello Lovelies,

So as you may or may not know, this has been my first few weeks in my new job and since I'm trying out fashion pieces I thought that I would show you my idea of a perfect work outfit. This grey dress is formal and slightly fitted however still playful enough to show off my youth. I'm not quite into tight fitted dresses as I feel that they're slightly too old for me in the work place, however I've worked soley with boys for so long that I like to wear skater dresses so that I look feminine and girly.

I always try to go for a slightly thicker or block heel as otherwise they get ruined during the commute (driving is so bad for thin heels) and they also put a lot of pressure on the ball of your feet whereas I find block heels so much more comfortable. I always tend to stick with black because it's formal and smart and will go with any outfit that I put together and suede will match with or without tights.

A large tote back is essential for me, if I'm taking a small bag to work you can be sure I'm not really into it. I have to carry my personal filofax, all of my make up, phone, keys etc and my diary and notebook to and from work in case I have the urge to do any extra curricular activities (yes I am a geek). I also believe that I read somewhere that the bigger the bag, the smaller you look in comparison so the bigger the better!

I tend to go for blacks and greys for things such as skirts and trousers and then stick to fairly dark colours too for dresses, only ever really going light or bold for tops. Mainly because I have to dress fairly conservatively for work due to the environment I'm in and also because then you know that things will always match and you don't have to spend a fortune on your work wardrobe!

love and kisses



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