Friday, 12 July 2013

Day to Night | Summer

Hello Lovelies,

What with my having weekends off now I find that I have had the task of finding outfits that last all day, luckily for me, I live right next door to my local pop so a quick change isn't too inconvenient if we're at home - but if not it's good to have an outfit that will last all day. The long sleeved top and  jeans are of course in preparation for a very British summer as it's rarely warm enough for shorts anymore, but the looseness of the shirt should keep me cool should we hit a warm spell.

I find that I can last all day in wedges, I don't know what it is about them that makes them so different to normal heels (maybe the fact that the weight is more evenly spread?) but I find that I can be out shopping all day and then still go for dinner at night and they wont start to hurt. I'm also not a fan of heels with jeans really and find that wedges look a lot nicer.

I love this clutch bag, too, I think that the colours make it totally versatile and wearable with a lot of different outfits but it's also big enough to be practical that you don't have to compromise on what to take out with you. I'm also not one for big necklaces yet as I'm easing myself into this "being a woman" thing so a simple necklace would suit me fine for this outfit.

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