Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer Wedding | My Pick

Hello Lovelies,

So as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my Cousin is due to get married in Bury St Edmonds Cathedral at the end of August so it's a pretty big deal. It's also the first member of my family to get married so everybody is really excited! As it's in the height of summer I have decided to embrace it and so all out girly and out of my comfort zone. I've found so many pretty floral dresses that it's going to be hard to wear anything else, but I have a dress in my wardrobe that I meant to wear for my birthday and that may have to make a cheeky appearance due to budgets - boo hoo.

I also want to go for a more blocked heel as at my Sister-In-Law's wedding last year I was constantly sinking into the grass in the photos and I just look really uncomfortable and awkward. As I've said in the past I also find them 100 times more comfortable for all day events. I also have one foot smaller than the other so this little strap actually means that I don't have to struggle all day trying to keep one foot in my shoe!

My Mum and sister are both wearing big hats as it's in a Cathedral but as I said in my Day at the Races post, I'm not comfortable with hats, especially not big ones, so think that I'm going to stick to a fascinator. I also quite want a clutch bag that has a shoulder strap on it so that it doesn't have to be constantly in my hand all day, otherwise it'll probably annoy me - I'll put it down and it'll be gone forever.

I'm definately going to keep it girly, with at least some colour in the dress and then keep it fairly nude for the rest of the outfit as I'm always conscious of being able to wear things again (little miss thrifty over here).

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