Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ghd Air Hairdryer

Hello lovelies,

Now I am back and living with my grandparents I have a little extra money every month and have decided to save it up and buy one thing that I've wanted for ages! This month it was the GHD Air Hairdryer that I have wanted ever since it's launch last year, my hairdresser always uses it on me and it leaves my hair smooth and soft.

It comes with two nozzles, I may have expected more due to the eye watering £99 price tag (a lot for a Hairdryer am I right?) but in actual fact, I only ever dry my hair straight and then style it after and the two that it comes with, plus using it without one at all, covers all of the bases you need it to. There's a small nozzle for precision drying, brilliant if you're blow drying it to style it (I.e not styling it afterwards) a slightly larger one for doing larger chunks of hair, thus less precise but still controlled. And then you can use it with no nozzle for the fastest drying technique and a more rough and diffused look. I tend to always dry my hair as quickly as physically possible and then spend the time either straightening or curling it, or I just leave it as I'm using as little heat as possible on my hair at the moment. It does dry my hair really fast, usually I struggle as my hair is deceptively thick and in pretty naff condition so it can take anywhere up to 40 minutes to dry thoroughly, but with this it's 15 minutes maximum (and I don't towel dry my hair) and it's all bone dry, even in those tricky bits.

It's lightweight too, compared to my older Hairdryer it's a lot less heavy and of corse the shorter drying time means my arm doesn't get tired. 

Love and kisses

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