Sunday, 15 September 2013

Such a perfect day

Hello lovelies,

Every once in a while, you are party to something truly moving and special. In my case this was my beautiful cousins wedding, it's rare that my that side of my family all get together and even rarer that it's for a happy occasion so it was a beautiful change to the norm and wonderful to spend a day with my nearest and dearest. 

I don't have any photographs of the blushing bride for two reasons, one, the photographers ones haven't been released yet and I got no useable ones and two, I don't want to be the first person to publish the most precious day of her life so until she sees fit to post them online, I'll hold back. What I do have though are a series of photos of the rest of my gorgeous family, who have supported me and been there for me more than anyone in the past few months and it's a happy reminder that through everything, we love each other very much. Oh, and we all look quite similar apparently! I hope that you enjoy...

As you can see it all got a bit much for Grandad in the end and the only real photos that we got were in the cathedral (which by the way was outstanding) but it's lovely that we now have some happy family memories and what I think are lovely photos to go alongside them.

Love and kisses

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