Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Weightloss Wednesday #1

Everybody around me seems to have buckets of motivation and will power when it comes to dieting and losing weight whilst I'm still sat here in my comfiest jamas (because my jeans no longer fit) eating Chinese and chocolate like it's going out of fashion... Why can't I stop?! I've never are healthily in my life, even when I went to Tunisia last year and was in the best shape I had been in my adult life, I still ate what I wanted and just solely relied on the gym to keep me in shape. Now, the same half arsed attempts at the gym three times a week doesn't seem to be fooling my body and my clothes are painful to wear they are that tight. For weeks now I've wondered how I'm going to get out of this rut and kick myself into gear, I've tried finding some 'thinspiration' (not of the scary, way too thin to be healthy, kind. Of the Michelle Keegan and Abbey Clancy kind) however, if I don't want to be healthy that day, I just don't look at it and then I don't feel so guilty. I've tried saving a photo of how I used to look on my phone to try and spur me on, but even Lee has said I was only 17 then and as with the other photos, if I don't want to look at it and make myself feel bad, I don't. (I don't want these as my backgrounds so that I'm forced to look at them as I'll either look incredibly vain or slightly like a lesbian!) so, I need something else. What better way than to publish your results for all to see, so that you lot can bug me if I miss a week (please do bug me!) and who wants pictures of their weight gain on the web? Not me!
This post has become far too rambly now, but I've got a few ideas of how I'm going to kick myself into becoming slimmer and keep myself in check! Each week I'll do a weightloss Wednesday post and include within it:
My measurements (chest, waist, bum and thigh) 
My food diary
And a photo of me in my dead sexy gym gear. Hopefully at Christmas time I'll be able to look back and see myself transform back into the girl I used to be! I don't have a goal in terms of weight as I've always been heavier than I seem to look however to be a very comfortable size 10 on the bottom and 8 on the top would be lovely, and would mean that all of my clothes fit me again. 
So here is where I'm starting, this is me and my measurements! 

Thigh: 28"
Bum: 41"
Waist: 29"
Chest: 34"

Wish me luck x

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