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What's in my make-up bag? (Handbag)

Hello lovelies!

How many of you have multiple make up bags? Please tell me that it isn't just me who seems to have one for every occasion!

If you follow me on twitter or, you know, real life. You may know that things have gone a bit topsy-turvy in the last month or so (I think that may be the most polite way that I've put it to date!) and, as such, I am now going between three homes. Which makes transporting a big make up bag rather laborious! So I've split my make up collection up a bit and I'm going to do a few posts to show you what I've put where! I'm not sure how well spaced these will be as I never know which house I'm at until that night!

So, this one stays in my handbag as its for emergencies. I used to work long hours and this was more necessary back then but I like to keep it on me at all times now just incase Lee whisks me away somewhere spontaneously (a girl can hope!)

Benefit "They're real" mascara - I got this mini one as a free gift when I bought the full sized as they were celebrating its anniversary. It's a great deal and is available in most boots stores that I've been in! I'm not going to lie this may be in their due to it being my only miniature mascara but, it just so happens that it's one of my favourites too so I'm never afraid to call on it if needs be!

Laqa & co. "Lil' Lip" Crayon in Wolfman - Again, possibly here because of it's miniature size, but it's also adorable and creates a really nice baby pink sheen on my lips. Perfect for an emergency meeting during work!
(I was trying out the Retrica app for most of these photos so here's one of the lip crayon's finish with no filter)

Birchbox Let the Sunshine In Mirror - a staple and a must. This is so cute and as it doesn't have a lid it easily slips into my make up bag.

Benefit Fluff Shadow brush - I think this may be an eBay fake as there is a fair bit of fall out when it comes to the bristles however it does the job in an emergency and it's shorter handle makes it nice and compact. I also don't miss it from my day to day collection.

Rimmel's wake me up concealer in "Ivory" - a must have for me, I seem to have got more spots now I'm no longer a teenager rather than less and my dark circles under my eyes never fade no matter how rested I am. This is lovely and creamy and has a medium coverage.

Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in "Transparent" - Apologies again for the filter. Another staple that I would never be without in my main make up bag or my handbag one. Great for mattifying my forehead if it gets a bit shiny in the heat and after reapplying my concealer.

Clinique Eyeshadow Quad various colours - Another apology for the filter, I think that I got a bit carried away! This used to be my everyday quad until I got my mitts on the likes of Chanel and Urban Decay's naked palletes. Now the purples and neutrals work wonderfully together and it is effortless to create a soft yet smoky look.

Avon Powder Brush - Not really for all over powdering but I manage to make it work when I need to. Luckily I have quite dry skin so I don't need to reapply powder too often but it's really soft and supple for when I do so the fact that it's possibly the wrong shape does matter quite so much.

I haven't included a lip product as I try not to keep these in my handbag else they never see the light of day again and I mix it up as much as possible with what I wear on my lips.

Love and kisses


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