Friday, 25 October 2013

MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher

MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in "Blush" - This colour scared me a little bit when I first saw it as I'm so dubious with blushing having naturally very rosy cheeks. I find I very easily end up looking like a clown and always envy other people's 'healthy glow' that they've managed to create. It's also my first cream blush as well so I was blind as to how to apply it! I went a bit OTT the first time and did resemble something from a fair ground however being a little more light handed I did managed to acheive a more 'pinched' kind of look that unfortunately I can't get to show up on camera no matter how hard I try! If you're light handed and used to applying cream blushes then I'd say that this is easy to apply (although in the end I ended up using my fingers) and lasts all day on my skin to leave me looking fresh faced and dewy. I really love MUA as a brand and have always triumphed them on this blog, I find them so affordable but the products always far outweigh their price tag.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thoughtful Thursday #5

Recently I have had a lot of things happening to me that I've had no control over and there was nothing that I could do to stop. I've had to learn to 'adjust my sails' and make the best of every situation I've found myself in. Unfortunately we all find times in our lives when things happen that are out of our control and not necessarily something that we want to embrace, however, as an adult, you have to learn to paint a smile on, remain professional at work and deal with it. I think that this is a nice way of basically saying, yes at times things are gonna be naff, you you've got to make the best of every situation and pull something good out if it, or actively work your little socks off to change it. We don't have to put up with and grin and bear crappy situations and decisions that other people make, but we have to be prepared to work to change this, we can't expect the wind to change for us.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder

Bourjois Java Rice Powder £9.99 5g - Ooo I'm such a sucker for a bit of heritage and history, in house hunting I'm always drawn in to beams and listed buildings over and above space and practicality, therefore it's no surprise that this tickles me in a way no powder ever has before. To celebrate their 150th birthday, Bourjois have reinvented this powder first released in 1879! There's just one transparent shade to suit all skin tones (I'm not too sure how true that claim may be in all honesty) and it claims to "boost skins radiance, smooth the complexion and set make up" something we would all love from a powder. The packaging is adorable too, very vintage and timeless. I've not heard any reviews on its performance yet so I may just hold off for a week or two before purchasing however I just know it's going to be one of those products I always leave out of my dressing table (accidentally on purpose of course).

Monday, 21 October 2013

Bourjois Blush Exclusif

Bourjois Blush Exclusif £7.99 - This little beauty had been on my mind for a whole now and I just don't seem to be able to shake it off. I really don't understand how it works and I'm surprised that I haven't seen any reviews of it on my twitter feed. It's formula apparently contains pH reactive pigments that reacts with your natural colouring to get the exact right shade of pink for you - magic huh? It's a cream to powder formula that I would be slightly dubious of applying for fear of moving my foundation (but that's my naïveté with cream blush more than anything else). However there's something about me that just doesn't know if this is one big gimmick?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Blogging Book?

I'm almost nervous that this may seem a tad controversial to some of you! But it's something that really helps to keep me focused and organised and I actually find it really fun. Hands up who else has a Blogging Book?

I don't know where I, or my blog, would be without this beauty. It's gone from a scruffy A5 notepad, to a personal Filofax, to this A5 Filofax beast. (But doesn't it look smart?) 

One of the main reasons I went for this one is the amount of pockets for things. I'm terrible for losing important documents so now, keep the semi-important things in here so that they're always with me. There's also space for a cheeky sample too! I find the little post-stick-notes really useful for marking dates or notes that I've made and little reminders that need to stand out to me!

Diary. Fairly standard. This way I know that I've got blog posts and ideas to keep my blog going for the week ahead, as well as general work and life stuff. I'm trying to make a real effort with the twitters chats, hence why they're at the bottom of everyday.

Address Book & Telephone Numbers. Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll make friends and connections with fairly important people whose email I want to remember. It also has all of the important numbers in my mobile phone book incase of an emergency.

Notes. I'm surprised at myself for this only having three sections. Inside these are details of houses I like, my wish list and need list. Some blog ideas, a timetable I like to stick to for my blog posts (more on that coming soon) as well as tips and tricks I want to remember. The 'future' tab is a secret for now so shhh.

That just about does it for my diary/blogging book. How do you guys keep yourselves organised? 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist - For a long time now a fixing mist/spray has been on my wish list and for some reason I keep forgetting to pick one up wherever I am, I've never used one before so I didn't want to spend a fortune on something that I didn't get on with, which is why I opted for MUA's affordable offering. I will admit that I had a bit of a blonde moment when I first used this and did it straight after my mascara, thus ending up looking like a panda where I shut my eyes tight when spraying the most. However that's my fault for being silly and not the products. In all honesty I forgot that I had this on throughout that day and so didn't keep on checking and looking to see how it was holding up. However that evening as I came to remove my make up my reaction was 'gosh, there's a lot of it still left on my face!' Not bad for a post 9 hour day at work and 1 hour gym session! Overall I was impressed, it's going to be really put to the test over my birthday and other celebrations as I'll need my make up to last well into the evening or maybe even night so I'll let you know how I get on with it!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Nip+Fab Dry Leg Fix

Nip+Fab Dry Leg Fix Instant Leg Smoother £10.25 100ml - There's no two ways about it, I neglect my legs. They will categorically only ever be shaved for a special occasion or when I feel like treating myself (gross you may think, but the less you shave them, the less it needs doing) and I always end up leaving the house horrified at how dry they are! I've always struggled to keep my legs hydrated, the only thing that usually works is Sanctuary's Body Soufflé. However this really is a dry leg fix! It instantly hydrates my legs and leaves them looking and feeling moisturised for the next 2 days (great for someone who neglects their legs hey) it's a handy size too at just 45ml it means that I can pop it in my handbag and it's always there for when I've forgotten and need it desperately! I picked this up free in a magazine after seeing it's name and being intrigued and I'll be honest now that summer's gone and tights are in I'm not too sure how much use it will get however I will definately be repurchasing next spring! What nip+fab products do you recommend? I'm dying to try some more out!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thoughtful Thursday #4

This is much the same as, fail to prepare and prepare to fail. It fits nicely with my dieting motivation too as too often have I waited until an event is 2 weeks away then panic I'm overweight and eventually decide it's too late to do anything anyway. Don't wait for things to come around before you react to them, such as Christmas and Birthdays, they're on the same day every year so why not buy throughout the year and spread the cost rather than wait until it's a week away and panic buy? We all know that summer will come around again next year so why not start eating right and exercising now so that you don't feel under as much pressure come next spring? If you can think of any other please do leave them in the comments below for us all to share!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil

Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil - Confession time! I thought that this was an eyeliner and have actually been using it as such to brighten up my eyes after a bad nights sleep or just to look that touch more radiant (like I look radiant at all to begin with, right?) however it does the job so for now I'm sticking to it. Admittedly it is probably a little powdery and I actually got some fall down into my bottom lashes but please bear in mind that I was using this product for entirely the wrong purpose. I've also used it in my tear duct area and it instantly brightens my eyes and takes away any redness that can form there when I get tired. I've been looking for something cheap and cheerful to do the job and I think that I've found it. I'm intrigued now that I know this is meant as an eyeshadow to buy some more colours an actually try them out as such but for me this is working wonderfully as a highlighter and eyeliner! I love it when I find products like this!

Monday, 14 October 2013

ModelCo Party Proof Matte Lipstick

Model Co Party Proof Matte Lipstick - This little beauty I actually was sent in one of my beauty boxes last month and it's confused me slightly... I was really looking forward to trying a matte lip as I tend to always go for a sheer or glossy look, however upon applying this it seemed to be both of those things! Not particularly matte at all. Strange. The colour is a lovely nude shade that is just perfect for work or meetings or just a day that I don't want too much make up. I also find that if your lips are even a little bit dry, this lipstick will highlight this so it's a good idea to give your lips a scrub before you apply it! I'm not disappointed considering a received this in a beauty box but I think that I may have been had I spent my money on it purely for the fact that it's not matte. However that aside it's a lovely lipstick, not the greatest of staying power but as it's a nude that's not the biggest of woes as it's easy to reapply and not terribly noticeable when it has worn off.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Benefit Georgia Bronzer

Benefit Georgia Blusher - Hands up if you, like me, love every single boxed blusher than Benefit have ever offered to us? I don't know if it's the cute and sturdy packaging, the snazzy names and design or the fact that the product inside is actually rather good that makes me love them more. They are on the pricey side so I regularly hunt ebay for older ones and rarely treat myself to their newest offerings, but this one suited me so well throughout Summer and Into Autumn (I cannot let go of my tan) that I thought it really deserved a mention. It gives me that subtle glow that I personally always want from a blusher, I'm naturally very rosy anyway so adding to that is usually a no-no and the thought of it scares me quite a bit! This coral toned blusher however is perfect for me, it highlights my cheek bones and gives me an oh-so subtle touch of colour to the apples of my cheeks and works brilliantly to enhance my tan. I always feel that these boxer blushers and bronzers are worth their price tag (although I can't always afford it) and there's a reason I'll soon be able to build my own fort out of these adorable little boxes. Which is your favourite boxed blusher/bronzer from Benefit?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Umberto Giannini Frizzi Miracle Worker with Argan Oil

Umberto Giannini Frizzi Miracle Worker with Argan Oil* - My two favourite hair care ingredients are Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil. I find that both of them soothe and hydrate my hair like nothing else will. I've always trend to John Frieda to battle with my frizzy mess of a hair now that I don't straighten it, however when this offering was sent through my door I was extremely excited to try it! Honestly, not the best smoothing product I've ever used and my hair felt a tad silicon-y after I'd applied it, you have to be liberal too as this can build up quite easily and make you hair look greasy. But give it just the right amount and really work it in and my hair looked smoothed, shiny and a lot more healthy. It detangled my hair when I used It wet, meaning that I didn't have to battle so much with it just to get a comb through, too. I added a touch of this to their leave in conditioner and that left my hair totally frizz free even without using a Hairdryer to dry it. As it says on the bottle, miracle worker. I've got heaps of products that I want to try on my hair so it'll be a little while before I think of 're'purchasing anything but I will certainly give it some consideration when the time comesb 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thoughtful Thursday #3

This is a good one for me. So many times in my life have I shied away from something because I perceived it to be difficult when in fact I was building it up in my own mind to be something far worse than it was. Always remember that the worse people can say is no and more often than not things aren't as scary as they seem. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Neal Wolf Volumising Lotion

Neal Wolf Volumising Lotion - Although my hair is a thick, frizzy mess, once I have managed to tame it I always find that it's limo and lacking any volume whatsoever. I was super excited to try this when it came in one of my beauty boxes over the summer, I rarely treat my hair to any products other than dry shampoo and any oil that claims to make it more manageable, so it was nice to spoil myself and push the boat out, the packaging looks very luxurious, too! I always prefer to apply any product to my hair when it's dry, I think that it'll soak in best then and there's less chance of me getting loads of build up (I may be wrong, feel free to tell me if I am) and after spreading this carefully through my roots and then blow drying with a barreled brush, my hair felt weightless and bouncy. I actually couldn't stop swishing my head, I looked like an over excited pony who was in love with her mane (which I was!) I will definately be repurchasing this when I finally run out, but I think that that's going to be while yet as I use it sparingly and very pleasantly received a full sized bottle in my beauty box! Brill!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Old photos are the best photos

Recently I found myself in a situation whereby I thought I'd have to change pretty much all of the photos in my house, which led me to panic that I have nothing to replace them with. Then I discovered that if you have photo syncing kept on with Facebook, it stores every photo that you've ever taken and they're super easy to resave and reuse! This lead to me getting all nostalgic and really, I just wanted to share possibly some of the most precious memories of my teenage life with you...

Yes, there are some questionable fashion choices as well as hair cuts in there but hey ho. I'm not going to explain who everyone is but they're all people who are very dear to me and who I'll always hold close to my heart no matter how far apart we seem to grow!

Love and kisses

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thoughtful Thursday #2

Sorry I just couldn't resist sneaking a picture of Max into this one and I think that the photo pretty much sums up the quote. Some people may look at these two and think that Max should be afraid of a big thoroughbred horse when in reality, Leo is the biggest whimp I've ever ridden and Max is so fearless that he holds his own against both of my in-laws German Shepherds and isn't in the slightest bit scared of Leo. This point is that however big the obstacle may seem, you should always remember that what's important is the fight within you.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator

L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator £2.99 - I always forget to exfoliate my skin, I don't like to do it too often as you can lose the elasticity in your skin and nobody wants that so I tend to stick to once a week, twice if it feels particularly bogged down. Therefore I totally forgot to restock on my Exfoliator once my Clarins Polish ran out and was left with skin crying out to be exfoliated but I had nothing in. Catastrophe right? I was going into my local drugstore to pick up L'Oréal Paris 3 in 1 purifying Micellar Solution and saw that this too was on offer at only £2.99! It was definately worth the risk and something inside me loves it when I have a Skincare routine from the same brand. I wasn't expecting much as it doesn't look like there are many beads in the product (when I exfoliate, I like to really exfoliate) and for the price I didn't want to expect miracles. But as soon as I got out of the shower my skin looked smooth, more radiant and almost like I didn't need foundation that day (gutted that I was on my way to bed) the radiance lasted definately until the next day, too. I now cannot wait to exfoliate every week as it always leaves my skin looking and feeling polished, you don't need much of the product at all to cover your whole face and with a price tag as low as £2.99 this is my new wonder product!
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