Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Blogging Book?

I'm almost nervous that this may seem a tad controversial to some of you! But it's something that really helps to keep me focused and organised and I actually find it really fun. Hands up who else has a Blogging Book?

I don't know where I, or my blog, would be without this beauty. It's gone from a scruffy A5 notepad, to a personal Filofax, to this A5 Filofax beast. (But doesn't it look smart?) 

One of the main reasons I went for this one is the amount of pockets for things. I'm terrible for losing important documents so now, keep the semi-important things in here so that they're always with me. There's also space for a cheeky sample too! I find the little post-stick-notes really useful for marking dates or notes that I've made and little reminders that need to stand out to me!

Diary. Fairly standard. This way I know that I've got blog posts and ideas to keep my blog going for the week ahead, as well as general work and life stuff. I'm trying to make a real effort with the twitters chats, hence why they're at the bottom of everyday.

Address Book & Telephone Numbers. Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll make friends and connections with fairly important people whose email I want to remember. It also has all of the important numbers in my mobile phone book incase of an emergency.

Notes. I'm surprised at myself for this only having three sections. Inside these are details of houses I like, my wish list and need list. Some blog ideas, a timetable I like to stick to for my blog posts (more on that coming soon) as well as tips and tricks I want to remember. The 'future' tab is a secret for now so shhh.

That just about does it for my diary/blogging book. How do you guys keep yourselves organised? 

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