Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thoughtful Thursday #5

Recently I have had a lot of things happening to me that I've had no control over and there was nothing that I could do to stop. I've had to learn to 'adjust my sails' and make the best of every situation I've found myself in. Unfortunately we all find times in our lives when things happen that are out of our control and not necessarily something that we want to embrace, however, as an adult, you have to learn to paint a smile on, remain professional at work and deal with it. I think that this is a nice way of basically saying, yes at times things are gonna be naff, you you've got to make the best of every situation and pull something good out if it, or actively work your little socks off to change it. We don't have to put up with and grin and bear crappy situations and decisions that other people make, but we have to be prepared to work to change this, we can't expect the wind to change for us.

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