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Huge Nottingham Beauty Haul!

At the end of October, the very lovely Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady organised a Bloggers Meet Up in Nottingham that sadly, she was then too ill to attend. Luckily Charley from BeautyRobot and Ella from Hello Ella still turned up and we had a lovely day shopping and having a yummy lunch! I went a little bit crazy as I hadn't been shopping since my 21st and wanted to share what I bought with you, I wont go into much detail as I'll probably do seperate blog posts on most of it but here you go...

MAC Pro Palette with 20 refill insert, I wanted to go all out and buy the largest palette, now that I have to travel between various homes, I want to have my make up altogether if possible so now I can (and nearly have!) fill it with colours that I regularly use for various occassions. I also bought 4 refills on the day, from left to right, cork, charcoal brown, naked lunch and cranberry.

 Real Techniques Powder Brush - I've wanted this brush for ages but for some ridiculous reason have always been put off by the actually rather low price tag until we were in boots shortly after being in MAC and I realised how this is actually a fantastic price (as are all real techniques brushes) and I have commited myself to buying a brush on every pay day until my set is complete! This is great for powder but personally I use it to sweep my bronzer on.

 Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, Ever since I was in Selfridges back in the spring I have been lusting after this concealer kit, it really brightened up my extremely dark under eye shadows and stayed put on me all day whilst I was in London so I decided to splurge and treat myself, the colour that I got was warm ivory and it's brilliant for when I need an extra pick me up.

It appears that I am a sucker for Make Up Artists on counters as well as anyone else who ever tries to sell me anything, without questioning her or trying to reach back into my brain to see if I already owned something that would do the job, I agreed to also pick up the corrector in Extra Light Bisque. Don't tell me now that it's a waste of money, it makes me feel a lot better thinking that my under eyes would still be nothing without it. I haven't actually tried the concealer without this (probably because I'm scared it will look exactly the same) 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 10 Beige, another product that I have been craving ever since my afforementioned trip to London this spring and after finally using up ever scrape of my tester pot I decided that, it was my 21st (well, a month ago) I needed to take the plunge and treat myself! I had a lovely money off voucher for Debenhams from work so it made it a little less painful, however I know that I'll wear it often as it suits my skin down to the ground.

Lush Lip Scrub, I did wince at the £5 price tag and when I returned to Nottingham the next week, I couldn't justify spending that much on a second one for my second home, however I do love this stuff and will definately repurchase once this has run out. I can suffer from dry skin on my lips and this buffs it away effortlessly whilst tasting too yummy!

Topshop Matte Finish Lipstick in "All About Me" so my mission of the day was to find a nude lipstick... After swatching Candy Yum Yum from MAC fot the first time in my life (bad blogger, I know) I decided that a nice bright pink wouldn't hurt too, I'd put a more moisturised version on from a brand that I wont name that morning and it had worn off before my 40 minute drive to the city had ended so I wanted something matte that hopefully (and in practise, does) lasts longer! It's a lovely vibrant pink that will be more suited next SS but I love that I've got it in my collection now.

 No7 Lipstick, on my quest for a nude lipstick I did a lot of swatching and being the little magpie that I am, couldn't resist picking up this slightly more matte reddy nude colour that will be perfect for over the festive period (I'm not quite up to really intense dark lipsticks just yet) so this is a great happy medium.

 TopShop Velvet Lipstick in Saint, I was a little gutted that they didn't have this in a matte finish however on reflection maybe a velvet finish wont be so harsh and prone to showing up any dry bits that my lush scrub has rid me of. It's a lovely very nude colour that I couldn't wait to wear (hense the non-perfect picture)

Revlon Lipstick, another one that I snapped up before we visited TopShop (apologies that these haven't come out in any real order) as I sort of thought to myself "this will do" a Revlon Lipstick is always a failsafe if you ask me, reliable, not the best, but reliable and although this was darker than I wanted to find, It will do me well when I've gone to town on my eye make up but don't want a completely nude lip.

Sooo yes, this was all in one day. Sorry to both mine and Lee's bank balance that took a rather swift whack but, my sister had got engaged that morning and, like I said, I owed myself some serious 21st Birthday shopping so I was a tad over excited! 

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