Saturday, 16 November 2013

Weightloss Wednesday on a Saturday?

Hello Guys! 

You may have noticed that my posts have fallen down to non existent and have now picked back up to every other day, I really hope that you don't mind but I have so much going on at the moment (I will explain in a blog post in two weeks time) that I felt too much pressure blogging everyday so I just panicked and felt I had to stop altogether,. but now hopefully two beauty posts and one lifestyle a week will suffice. I know that I started a "Weightloss Wednesday" feature and got pretty much nowhere with it and I'm sorry, it was partially due to time, partially due to the fact that for two weeks the scales and tape measure said that I had put on weight and partially down to my just feeling too rubbish to share myself with you. Sorry again!

However, I've learnt to ditch the scales, there are three different sets of scales that I use, Lee's home, the gym and my Grandparents, and they vary from 10st to 12st so who the hell knows?! And I measured myself yesterday to find that I'd apparenly put an inch on everywhere, but all of my clothes are now baggy that I'd say I'm half a dress size smaller (now a comfortable 10 instead of really should admit I was a 12). So out with the weights and measures and on with how I feel. That's the most important part anyway, right?

In said blogpost in two weeks time, I've got some pretty huge confessions/revelations that I shall be... revealing, and from then on I can be 100% honest with you lovely lot and if it inspires just one person to now feel as good as I do, then I can be a happy happy bunny.

I'm going to leave it at this, I might start a new "weightloss" feature that has a stronger focus on technique, recipes, state of mind and how to keep your mind whilst losing your weight. 

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