Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Zuri Skincare Range - Review!

Zuri Skincare Range* from £1.99 - Okay, that price is on fragrance direct, I found it in dollars and it was over $40 per item (which, for the record, I wouldn't say that it's quite worth that much). I've been sitting on this review for a little while now as I've been deliberating whether to do seperate reviews on each product or on the range as a whole, if you'd like to know anything about a specific product just say so in the comments box below! Overall, this is a pretty neat idea, the Zuri Skincare Range comes in lovely sturdy packaging and it all looked beautifully matching and clean whilst I was using the entire regime in my bathroom. It comes in "chapters" a bit like Cliniques numbering process, you have from Chapter one to nine that leads you from start to finish. There were a couple of products that I felt were in the wrong order slightly but maybe I'm the one working backwards! There are only a few of the "chapters" that I still regularly use, such as the serum and the blemish corrector pen, however that's more down to the fact that I have simply moved on to new cleansers and toners and I rarely repurchase at the moment due to have a backlog of reviews to do! The whole process left my skin feeling smooth, I'd like to concentrate on Chapter Seven, the skin tone corrector, a bit more as I'm curious to explore it's effects as a stand along product a bit more. But for the price tags currently on offer at fragrance direct, it's well worth the money, and who doesn't love a co-ordinating skincare range in their bathroom?

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